Monday morning

New month, new news archive page. It’s a very simple thing to do, but I hate doing it. Anyway, that’s done now, and I’ve been toying with the redesign, but it’s far too complicated for someone like myself. I guess I don’t need it anyway. Just look at Maddox’s site. It’s even more scarcely decorated than mine, and it’s great. I’ll keep trying, but don’t expect a whole lot. Or anything really great, either, cause my lack of Photoshop (or moreso the lack of hard drive space on which to install Photoshop) isn’t exactly helping matters. Now that I’m done babbling, here comes the actual news. You can expect at least 6 individual submissions during the next two weeks. They all fit together, but I’m cutting them up to make it look like more. So that’s that. First one should be up tomorrow. Until then.

~Ryan out.

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