Halfway mark to GOTY

You know, I’ve been keeping this data current, so I might as well post about it.

Currently, there are 19 video games that are eligible for the inevitable Top X Video Games Beaten in 2018 article (I don’t know how many spots I’m going to have this year). That number would be reduced to a paltry five if I only included games released in 2018.

Of those, I feel like three have guaranteed spots, and only one is an actual 2018 game.

The rest are six maybes, four that I’m kinda meh on, and six that are definite nos.

The moral of the story is that I’ve clearly been playing too many games that I don’t really like this year. I may have to do a reassessment of the list with a more forgiving heart. Keeping in mind that I immediately cut 32 of the 54 games eligible for 2017’s list, so the ratio of definite nos to total games is still a lot better this year (32% in 2018, 59% in 2017).

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