Don’t look back

OK, so the post is a little late, but it’s here. Yesterday’s fixer-uppers include facelifts for both the Home and Links pages. The Home page lost the little links bar on the side, as it looks a lot better properly centered on the page. The spurring reason is that I added the link for the guestbook, and it was getting just a wee bit too cluttered. So I changed it. As for the links page, I was getting annoyed at how damn long it was, so I divided it into 3 sections and 2 columns. The first column is for run-of-the-mill sites that I like, and the second contains sites owned by my friends or other sites I’ve made, as well as a separate section for the many Web Comics I read. And I added 2 new links to the Web Comics section while I was there. As for future updates, I’ve started my next article, and it’ll probably be up on the weekend sometime. But as you know, my guesstimations are usually off, so don’t get your hopes up. So that’s about all I have to report. I’ll make sure to post again if anything important comes up

~Ryan out.

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