Bounce and throw

So, I bought a basketball two weeks ago.

Yeah. I know. It’s weird.

I went out to throw the ball around a bit by myself that weekend, and had a pretty good time having finally found something to do while being outside (that isn’t walking around aimlessly). Then last Saturday morning, my dad, my brother and I all went out to “shoot hoops” for a couple hours. I learned to play Horse and had so much fun. I literally did not want to leave the court when it was time to go.

It’s really weird. Don’t worry, we’re on the same page there.

I know I like to project a “sports are the worst” kind of image, but that’s really not me. I like sports. I just can’t be arsed to follow professional sports. I don’t give a flying flip about players or stats or championships or maniacal fans who devote their entire lives to their team. But I like going out and doing the things. At least, to some degree.

I’m still a lazy, overweight, out-of-shape slob. So typically I can’t sustain that kind of physical exertion for long. But basketball -or at least just shooting around for fun- doesn’t require me to push myself too hard, so it’s basically the perfect way to get into being more active. I’m outside and off my butt and actually being engaged in something, which is exactly what I need.

I’m lobbying to make Saturday morning basketball a regular thing, though my suggestions have been met with grumbled maybes. I’ll still go out by my lonesome if it comes down to it, but it’s nicer to have a couple people to share the burden of chasing after a stray rebound.

How long will this new hobby last? To be honest, probably just for the summer. I am not exactly renowned for my sticktoitiveness. I have a definite tendency to get all worked up about something for a while, then drop it completely when some other shiny, new thing comes along. Especially since there’s that big ol’ “winter” thing that will completely kill any momentum for a good six months. But we’ll see!

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