Hey look a food post

I’ve been eating these Clif bars lately, in an attempt to improve my snacking habits by buying organic (or in this case, 70% organic) snacks. I don’t know if that actually means this junk is healthier, but at least I can tell myself I’m doing something good for my body. I also use the term “snack” very loosely, as a Clif bar is quite often my entire lunch on a work day.

Pictured beside this text is the Peanut Butter Crunch variety of Clif bar, and it is awful. It tastes nothing like peanut butter, and has more of a crisp to it than an actual crunch. Just a big disappointment on every front. In fact, it’s pretty much just gross. I hate it and am never buying these again.

The Chocolate Chip bar, though? Delectable. Those, I think, are going to be the gold standard for other Clif bars to measure up to. Though they’ll probably be the only ones I buy anyway, because they and the PB flavour are the only ones I see in boxes. I’ll be damned if I’m going to start buying these friggin’ things individually.

I think that next time I’m going to try Larabar, though. Those “food made from food” commercials have gotten to me and I’m willing to give ’em a go at least once.

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