When it’s over

I’ve been getting a lot of people e-mailing me about the Wario Ware GBA ROM. Now it wouldn’t be so bad, but the site I got it from is long dead, and I can’t help ’em at all. If only there was a free web site thingy that allowed me to post ROMs. Then I could post my Wario Ware GBA ROM so that they could all download it and see how great it is before dropping $40 on something they may not like. So to resume what I’ve just said, I don’t know where to find a download for the Wario Ware GBA ROM. So I can’t help you if you want to download it.

And now that this page says “Wario Ware GBA ROM” and “Download” so many times, the Google search will probably bring up this page before the actual review page. And now that people can read this,they can stop bombarding me with e-mails. Thank you for your time. And buy the damn Wario Ware GBA game.

Oh, and sorry about the lack of updates. I haven’t been able to fix the Paint thing yet, and that’s an integral part of how I make my articles. So the only things I could possibly post in the near future are Chat Radios (very unlikely), mini reviews (likely, I just saw Matrix: Revolutions), or a new GameFAQs submission (unlikely). That wraps up the news for today.

~Ryan out.

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