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Dragons and clouds and witches, oh my

Dragons and clouds and witches, oh my

It’s a little sad to think that the DLC support for Super¬†Smash Bros 4 is finally coming to and end, but man, is it ever going out with a bang.

Cloud is already available, and pretty cool. I haven’t quite gotten used to his style, but he’s certainly not as difficult to master as Ryu. Will I give him up and just go back to Ike for my Big Sword Times? Probably. Midgar is a really awesome stage, with interesting obstacles that aren’t too obtrusive. I’m looking at you, Metal Face.

I cannot wait to play Corrin. She looks like she could easily be my new main. I love Robin and all, but that chainsaw sword is way too cool. Plus, that counter, man. That counter.

Bayonetta, I have no idea how to feel about. She looks great, but I have not connection whatsoever with the character. At the very least, she seems like she’ll fit right in with the Smash crew, and that stage looks pretty darn cool as well.

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