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When autumn attacks

When autumn attacks

So you may have noticed that there’s something different about this here blog. New glasses? A haircut? Nope! I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to the Weaver II theme, which is fairly close to the old theme, Weaver.

Well, I suppose the sequel should look kinda similar.

Anyway, I’ve also gone and painted the site in autumny leaf colours. Which was my original intent when I logged in today. The theme change just kind of happened as a side effect. I’m not sure about some of the specific colour choices, but I love the overall fall motif. If you can point out a change or two that might enhance it further, please don’t hesitate to leave a suggestion in the comments. I’m still tweaking things here and there, so it’s not like you’d be raining on my parade or anything.

While I was all mucking about with the visual options, I also managed to fart out a little article. I still need to proof it, and it should be up on Wednesday at the latest. Spoilers: it’s a short album review, so don’t get too excited.

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