Behind them scenes

Currently I’m working on two articles. One, I’ve already spoiled on the Articles page, is what I’m tentatively calling the 2013 Surprise Bag Article. Will it actually be the only one this year? Who knows? 2014 Ryan knows. Anyway I’ve been working on that one since February, so who even knows if it’ll go live before 2013 is over. The second is a thing about a game I’m playing. It’s sort of a review, but not really. I don’t know the best way to describe it. It’s a thing. And it’s happening. I’ve just gotta stick some pictures in thurr.

What does that have to do with anything? Well, working on new articles always makes me think about how there are so many old articles that have yet to be worked into the WordPress machine, so I fixed up a few and stuck ’em in the ol’ bloggin’ software. You can now read the WP versions of:

Note to noobs: These are all of a 2004/05 vintage. Meaning they’re crappy, but at least they’re from a time where I was trying to be funny, rather than the thing I do these days where it’s just me trying to sound smart about vidja games.

There are possibly more on the way soon, provided I can’t find anything better to do with my free time than dredge up old things I wrote that I’m kind of embarrassed of.

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