Bleed us, bleed us

Well February was one big write-off. One article, yes, but so far this year has been shit for the website. Anyway.

The winter Olympics are over for another year. Thank God. I don’t know what it is, but why do people care so much? Super-patriots and regular sportsfans aside, of course. I’ve never really paid attention before, but this year I’ve seen many a person who doesn’t give two shits about sports any other day of the year go ga-ga over every event in these games, and it puzzles me. Mostly because I’ve been getting flack for not caring. I thought I’d made my feelings clear many weeks ago. I mean, if there’s one sport you do have an actual interest in, sure I get it, but being brought to tears over a victory/loss in a sport you wouldn’t have even ever known existed if it weren’t for the Olypmics? I’m calling poseur on that shit there.

But then again I suppose that’s what the hype train is all about. Now all I’d like to know is whatever happened to Haiti? That was a media blitz that actually mattered.

Oh, and I am happy that Canada won gold in men’s hockey. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters in the winter games. It’s our Goddamn sport. I don’t know how it is that years go by where we don’t place first.

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