There will be an answer, let it be

It’s been a while since I announced that I’d be writing a new article, and to be honest, I still haven’t done it. On the upside, I did write a totally different one out of the blue. While it’s not a boring video game review, it is basically a 1400+ word sales pitch and an excuse to make a really flippin’ sweet banner. I did try to work some wit similar to that found at WWTDD into it, so if you enjoy that site, then you should maybe read my crappy article. Or give me money! That’s a great idea!

Begging aside, I did a little work to improve the unity of the site, and now the menu bar at the top of (most of) the article pages is all blue rather than red, and the articles page has also turned blue. Red and black is so overdone, and I want my site to look a little original. Also, I want it to look like all the pages belong together, so making the colour scheme “universal” is probably a good way of starting that. I don’t know if I should redo the articles entirely in the same colour, or if I should leave them unique from each other. I’d like to hear some opinions about it over on the forums.

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