Gained 23 JP! Job level up!

I think the title here sells the idea of this post pretty well. I’ve finally moved up a rung on the career ladder, and today I start my new job. It’s not really that far a stretch from what I was doing before, but there are a few differences and a lot of responsibility that separates what I’m doing now from what I’ve been doing the last two years.

I won’t lie, I’m more than a little worried that it’ll be too much for me. I know that it won’t, but I’ve got a persistent nagging in the back of my head telling me that I’m going. Low self esteem’s a bitch.

All anxieties aside, there are a few nice perks to this new position. Number one obviously being the small increase in pay. It’s not a huge amount, but there’s another, more substantial jump once I finish the training program that I’m working on. This should at least slightly assuage my fears of not making enough money to live.

The second, much more immediate benefit is that I’m moving to a new branch, and it’s about half the distance from my house as compared to the one I come from. I’m pretty pumped that I gat to sleep in an extra half hour every day and that I’ll be using about half the gas that I do now. Even better is that the swap managed to happen less than a week after our first real snowfall. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to driving back and forth across the city every day for another winter.

Third on my list of exciting things is that my new branch isn’t made out of windows. Yes, it looks nice, but I’m kind of over being blinded by the sun for several hours a day. I’m not completely sure this isn’t going to be a problem, because today will be my first time ever being in my new branch. I’ve driven by it a couple times though, and I doubt the sun will bother me there.

The last big thing I’m looking forward to is that my new branch seems to be quite a bit busier than the previous one. I’m sure I’ve spent enough time complaining about how slow the old branch is, so it’ll be a nice change of pace to be busy. That in addition to all the other work I’ll be doing will probably have me singing the opposite tune before long: that I don’t have enough time to get everything done. But I prefer it that way, so awesome.

If there’s any one negative aspect of this move, it’s that I don’t really want to have to get to know a new bunch of people (again). Not that I think the new branch crew won’t be a good set of co-workers, but I quite like the old set of staff. It may have been too far from home and poorly defended from sunlight, but that branch had some of the most fun people I’ve ever worked with. Oh well. We’ll still have company events.

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