35 Years of Ys (music)

I only got into the Ys series in 2021, but it’s been around for a lot longer than that. A whole 35 years, in fact! To celebrate, Falcom recently released a 35th Anniversary album of re-arranged tracks from across all of the series’ nine major installments. Yes, even the oft-ignored Ys V!

I’ve embedded the YouTube playlist below, but this is definitely the kind of music that I’ll be buying on iTunes. Because Falcom actually puts their music on iTunes. So that they can, you know, make money from it.

Oh, and yeah, it’s hella good. But the Ys series has some of the best soundtracks in all of video games, so that comes as no surprise to me. Don’t believe/trust me? Just start up that video down below this paragraph. You can thank me later.

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