The 24 Days of Gluttony : Day 9 – Sugar Plum Spice Tea

It’s tea day again! Huzzah! The problem with that, though, is that… I don’t know how to talk about tea. I just know when I like a flavour or not. Like orange pekoe. I am not a fan. Not at all. It doesn’t taste a thing like orange. I really would have liked it to have tasted like orange.

But I’m not talking about orange pekoe today. I’m talking about a different tea.

Sugar Plum Spice! How whimsical! So whimsical, in fact, that whoever designs Celestial’s boxes felt it unnecessary to capitalize the flavour, and then use all caps in at least two other places on the box, but then use proper capitalization elsewhere. What is going on!? Who did this and how can they live with themselves? It’s driving me insane!

…So, uh, the tea. This is an herbal tea. I don’t really know what the significance of that is. Perhaps that it’s made with no fruits or nuts or other additives? Nope, no, that can’t be. Says right here that it’s got plums and cinnamon in it. Wait, thery’re actually just plum and cinnamon “flavours”, not the real deal. Whatever that means. Why would you fake cinnamon? Aren’t spices really cheap?

Anyway, I kinda messed up and used up the last bag of sugar plum spice before writing this entry and I didn’t have the foresight to, you know, buy more in the interim. So I can’t even give a shoddy description of what it tastes like. All I can tell you is that I very much like it. Probably my favourite holiday tea that you can buy at Sobey’s. It’s delish, I recommend it!

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