The atomizer

Ughh… So damn busy… I’ve been watching the dog all week, and it’s taken quite a toll on my sleep. And it won’t get any better on the weekend, cause I have to go out to the cottage (hence there will be no update) and babysit my cousins while all the adults go to some stupid wedding. I mean why can’t us kids come? Particularly me. It’s not like I care about the ceremony or anything, but it’s a free buffet and cake afterward! Those wedding cakes are great! Ah well. And then to top it off, Monday is Graduation day, and with the partying all night, Tuesday is going to be a pain. The aftermath of all this leaves me with a heavy desire to be alone and sleeping, so I’m hibernating from Wendesday to Friday. And all this to say that there probably won’t be another update until the 3rd, at the earliest.

Other than that, I’m having some reconsiderations about the site, and finding that it’s not really what I wanted it to be. So, I’m thinking that once I learn a bit more HTML and possibly add a little Javascript into the mess, I’m going to have to do a complete rehaul of the site. And not just aesthetically, either. If I do make this huge change, the site is going to work very differently, and no longer be an article-based affair. It might even verge on becoming one of those half-blogs. Wow. Becoming what I detest the most. Oh well. I guess it’s just in the cards. So, uh, that’s what I have to say for today. I’ll see you in July.

~Ryan out.

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