(I was born) Settled down

It’s a week later, and I am about 80% moved into my condo. It’s been quite a process. Basically non-stop work since last Saturday, with a single night off on Wednesday. So this weekend, I’m takin’ ‘er easy and just enjoying my new Fortress of Solitude. Well, tomorrow I’m takin’ ‘er easy. There is still plenty to be done today.

The work that remains is as such:

  • Move my bed in so I can sleep not on the couch
  • Vaccuum again now that all the furniture is built
  • Clean any kitchenware that has not gone through the dishwasher.
  • Sort through all my Xmas baubles and get rid of anything deemed unnecessary.
  • Align as many books as possible on the bookshelf, discard any that don’t fit.
  • Move over any lingering boxes from Mom & Dad’s and sort what will stay or be donated.
  • Find a solution for movie storage
  • Get that friggin’ Dark Souls poster mounted!
  • Dispose of excess furniture (either via Kijiji or donation)
  • Hang posters/picture frames/shelves/etc.
  • Buy food

And that’s about it. Now that the business has been taken care of, here are a bunch of fun photos!

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