Mama, Mia!

When I moved back in with mom and dad, it came with a slight change that I didn’t really account for. See, while I used to always get my groceries from Safeway, they live much closer to a Sobey’s. Which, since they’re two heads of the same beast, you wouldn’t think is a big deal. However, Sobey’s bananas are notably inferior to those that Safeway stocks, and just today I learned that the pizza buns at Sobey’s are also pretty terrible.

The obvious solution is to just make the five-minute drive back to Safeway, but I’m far too lazy to do such a thing. I could also just stop buying my own groceries and subsist off the food my parents buy, but where’s the fun in that? Also I don’t want to be a complete mooch. Like, 90% mooch is about where I need to be.

Thanks to all the money I’m saving thanks to that mooching, I bought Resident Evil 7! Hooray!

Honestly… Not totally into it yet! Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but it’s been a very slow burn so far. In the three-ish hours that I’ve played, there have been exactly two enemies, and both of them were bosses. Or, I don’t know. This game is so different than usual that maybe they weren’t bosses. Maybe that’s just how normal enemies are now. Anyway, exploring the backwoods farmhouse has been equal parts fun, disgusting, and tense. There doesn’t seem to be any indication for sure if you’re being stalked or not, so you’re pretty much sailing around on intuition and hopes that you aren’t unexpectedly ambushed. Although you will constantly be unexpectedly ambushed, because that’s apparently RE7’s thing.

Other notes so far…

I got a trophy for beginning the game. How stupid.

There are bobblehead figures scattered about for you to destroy. I can’t help but see Vault Boy when I look at them, even though they don’t really look all that similar.

The game begins with your character on a rescue mission. So far this is the only thing that RE7 has in common with RE4.

Those two bosses were hard. Died multiple times to each. Because they can catch up to you and hit you while you’re running away, and it’s very hard to bait their attacks and dodge successfully.

I have no idea where the story is going. But this family of evil hillbillies can’t support the entire game. Right?

The last thing I did before saving and quitting was collect an emblem that unlocked a big, ornate (and completely out-of-place) door. So this is definitely still Resident Evil on some level.

Capcom still can’t animate faces worth a damn.

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