Migraine watch: May 13/16

It’s been quite a long tine since I’ve written up one of these, longer than gaps between my migraines used to be. To be perfectly honest, I was kind of hoping that maybe the cause of my migraines was gone (if you know what I mean), but I am in the middle of an attack, so that’s not the case.

This one, specifically, impaired my ability to spell and form coherent sentences. It look me nearly half an hour to write that last paragraph.

I woke up Friday morning feeling overtired but otherwise okay, as is the usual lately. I went to work, and all was fine until I arrived. I turned on my computer, and noticed that I was having a very difficult time focusing on the screen. It’s hard to explain, but I could only see a small portion of the screen that was dead ahead, and the rest was totally blurry. I knew something as wrong, as I could see everything fine besides my monitor.

Then my right arm started to get all tingly. That’s when I knew for sure that it was a migraine. The feeling lasted for about five minutes, and then moved up into my jaw for maybe a minute.

About 40 minutes after arriving at work, my ability to read my monitor had come back, and I hit what was sort of the calm before the storm. The “aura” ended completely and it seemed like my body was getting ready to go back to normal. Less than five minutes later, the true migraine began.

Overall, it was significantly less painful than migraines before. While it was still very difficult to focus and my head was throbbing like crazy, it was bearable enough that I toughed it out and stayed at work instead of going back home to sleep it off. The big disappointment this time around is that I had not kept any ibuprofen available at work, and the neared drugstore didn’t open until 10 AM, so I had to sit and suffer for a few hours, and by the time I could go out to grab some pills, I could already feel the pain slowly beginning to subside and didn’t bother.

Start : 7:55 AM (aura), 8:45 AM (migraine)

End : 11:30 AM

Aura: Inability to see computer monitor, inability to spell/write coherent sentences, brief tingling in right arm and jaw, difficulty thinking/speaking

Possible triggers: Exhaustion, mostly. Maybe not eating properly?

Medication: None taken

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