Migraine Watch: The Startening

I never had migraines as a kid, but they began in my early twenties, and have been happening somewhat regularly since then. They aren’t anywhere nearly as bad as they are for some people; they only last a day and only happen every six months or so. However, when I get one, I am generally rendered useless for the rest of the day.

In the interest of keeping data, I’ve decided to post notes every time I have a migraine. Each one is different, with varied effects (known as an “aura”) preceding and accompanying the main headache. I’m interested in seeing how many side-effects I can “collect,” so that’ll be kind of neat. I’d also like to see if I can nail down what triggers the migraines in the first place, and how/if I can prevent them.

Start: 4 PM, April 23/15

End: 12 PM, April 24/15

Aura: Mild loss of feeling in left hand (temporary, no tingle), dizziness, upset stomach after eating (persisted overnight)

Possible trigger(s): Stress, lack of sleep, poor eating

Medication: No-name ibuprofen pills, taken 2 hours after start (had none handy). total of 3 taken over the course of the migraine.


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