Give a hoot

I’m basically defined by my obsession with video games. It’s a little sad, but it’s true. What some people don’t know though, is that I have other hobbies! Hobbies that I have been sorely neglecting as of late, in favour of, well, playing more games.

As of this writing, I have beaten 131 games this year. That’s more than a little excessive.

So next year, in addition to trying to draw more, I’m going to try to read more. Though I’m well aware that “read more” is a goal that I’ve set for myself for at least the last four years or so. It should be easier now that I have the Kobo, with scores of books at my fingertips at any given time. According to the Already Read folder, I’ve read ten books on it so far this year. Though to be fair, three of those were issues of SCROLL magazine, and two were comic books.

I have purchased no fewer than six Story Bundles this year, so I have a veritable mountain of literature to work through. Which is great, but I’ve said it several times before that I don’t read enough to actually know what I like to read. Story Bundles seem like a great solution to that problem, because each one has had at least one book that immediately interests me, so it’s like I’m paying for that one and then getting a whole bunch of other stuff to check out for free.

Maybe I’ll even get around to finishing Frankenstein one of these days, too. I’ve only read about a quarter of the book, but I’ve enjoyed that portion of it so much, it’s a darn shame that the Kobo Store doesn’t offer free versions of classic literature like iBooks does. I just find it too hard to read on my tiny iPhone screen.

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