March 2018 Nindies Showcase: Live reactions!

The last Nintendo Direct is still fresh on all of our minds, having left the world dreaming about the next Super Smash Bros and waiting impatiently for the Wario Ware Gold. And already, this morning, we get another presentation: this time a Nindies Showcase. While it is an unusually short gap between Nintendo commercials, I guess it does make sense because the Direct only showed games from major franchises or by the biggest publishers.

Anyway, while I took a day to let my thoughts on the last Nintendo Direct marinate, today I’m going to be typing them out au naturel, in time with the show. It technically still won’t be “live” blogging, because, you know, it would be annoying for me to hit the Update button after every sentence I type and then wait for the page to reload. But they will still be raw, knee-jerk impressions of games I either won’t care about at all of ignore because I can’t afford them.

Well, the show’s starting now, so let’s a go!

Mark of the Ninja – I remember playing a demo of this and not being wholly engrossed. Might give it a second try, though. I really like that animation style, and I seem to recall that it was pretty well-received by most people who aren’t me.

Fantasy Strike – 2D fighter that is not Smash Bros. I don’t care. While it’s visually appealing, Brickroad recently wrote a whole thing about it that makes me care even less.

Just Shapes and Beats – OOOH this is neat! Looks and sounds great! Reminds me of the Bit.Trip games, which is the highest praise.

Garage – Nope, not into this top-down thing, and all I know about TinyBuild is how terrible Hello Neighbour turned out to be. BUT, given the theme of 80’s horror movies, I will keep an eye on the reviews when it’s released.

Pool Panic – Neat idea, but I have no interest. I’d be more interested in a Pinball Quest remake.

Bomb Chicken – Oh hey, now this is the kind of thing Iike! Looks like a really solid platformer! And also has a sense of humour maybe? Either way I’m way overdue for a game where you play as a chicken. Or any type of poultry, really.

Lumines Remastered – Played it on PSP, didn’t understand the hype then, have no intent to figure it out now.

Reigns – I don’t get it. Just answer questions to see if you win or lose? Even though it looks obscenely simple, I would like to know more.

Light Fall – I’m not really into those super-hard platformers, but this one might be okay? I feel like the indie scene has already killed this all-black-foreground style. At least for me.

West of Loathing – Western comedy RPG? I don’t know, I’ve never purchased a game for humour value before. We’ll have to see how the actual gameplay rolls out.

Pode – I dunno. These light explore-em-ups don’t really jibe with me if they aren’t horror-themed.

The Messenger – OOOH AGAIN Yeah, I really dig this! It looks like Ninja Gaiden and/or Shovel Knight! I will absolutely be keeping an eye on this sweet-lookin’ game! I might actually even purchase it for the full asking price!

Bad North – Nope. No more roguelikes for me. Especially not tower defense roguelikes.

Banner Saga trilogy – I know these have a really good reputation, but they seem way too stressful for me. I can’t deal with dead-forever character mechanics.

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