In which a title is missing

I guess I messed up. And with only three days to go, it burns. Oh well. If you consider both a) this blog post and b) this article I wrote as entries, then I really only missed one day, and that’s not too bad.

The article in question is written entirely for my own sake, and I believe it even says so in the introduction, so don’t expect to get a whole lot from it. It’s also part one of I don’t know how many.

In other news, I woke up the morning wholly expecting this week’s Virtual Console lineup to be the kind of stuff dreams are made of. I was only somewhat disappointed. Blades of Steel, pictured to the left, is easily the winner this week, being my favourite hockey (sports?) game of all time. I bought Ice Hockey when it was released, but only because I never thought Blades would make it, but here it is, and here I am 500 Wii Points poorer. However, I now have Blades of Steel on my Wii, and that is totally worth the price of admission. Did I mention just how much I adore Blades of Steel?

Also released were Rolling Thunder 2 (which I’ve never played and have zero interest in) and Donkey Kong Country 3. I bought DKC3, even though now I realize that the world mostly hates it (and the entire series, really), and I actually still enjoy it. I poured more hours into DKC3 than most people would feel comfortable revealing, but I eventually found every secret there was. It was possibly my most glorious achievement, and still remains one of the most dedicated efforts of my life. Will I do it again? All signs point to no, but I’m still going to at least give a good amount of time to getting to the end of the game.

It’s not the cause for song and dance that I was hoping for, but Nintendo could still surprise us. They promised 200 games by year’s end, and with only 187 currently available, they need more than one three-game week to meet that lofty goal. I’m hoping there’s a huge Christmas VC blowout tomorrow to both make up for today’s lack of complete awesome and so that they aren’t liar liar pants on fires. Also, seeing some of the games on my wishlist show up would be nice. Hell, I’d sing Nintendo’s praises from mountaintops if one of those games made an appearance.

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